The Cost of Communication

Does the way you communicate impact your organization? It certainly does. How you communicate is directly related to how your organization is perceived. Survey after survey, the results are the same. People want clear communication. One survey reported that 84% of the respondents were more likely to trust a company that uses jargon-free language in its communications.1  Understanding what is being communicated is a human right.

To make sure your message is being understood, you need to be able to communicate clearly.

Clear communication is efficient and effective. Think about how many emails lack clarity, how many proposals don't sell the idea and how many reports are disorganized and hard to read. These situations are common in workplaces around the world, and they are creating a lot of wasted time and money. However, you have the ability to decrease this waste in your organization. The Allen-Bradly Corporation did just that by redesigning its documents using clear language and readable formats. The result: a decrease in customer service calls from 50 per day to 2 per month.2

You can have results like that too!

Effective communication will not only help you save time and money, but it will also...

  • improve client and employee satisfaction
  • decrease follow up calls and emails
  • increase compliance rates
  • strengthen professional credibility
  • create a positive image
  • increase understanding of your message

How much is communication costing you and your organization? Use these calculators to see for yourself.

Email Writing

How much money is your organization spending on ineffective emails?

Document Writing

How much will it cost you to compose your document?

General Writing

How much does writing cost you each year?


How much will your meeting cost?

1. Simplicity Survey: A Clarion Call for Transparency. siegel+gale, Jan. 2009.

2. Plain English on the Plant Floor, Plain Language Principles and Practice, B. Jerb (ed.), Wayne State University Press, 1991.