Business Writing For English As An Additional Language Professionals


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Every language has its own set of rules and expectations about the ways to communicate in a business setting. In English, communicating in writing is important and how you present your information can play a role in creating a person's business reputation.

What are the key strategies for business writing that will capture the readers’ attention while targeting their needs? What are the skills for creating a business document within a tight timeframe? How can I avoid common grammar and usage errors?

This interactive session answers those questions and more! It shows you English business writing tips that will improve your professional image and make you a successful business writer.

The program focuses on...

  • using planning and organizing techniques to gain clarity and to write faster
  • understanding the power of simplicity and using it in all documents
  • impacting the reader by putting the right information in the right place
  • applying editing tricks to correct grammar and usage errors
  • using the right punctuation in the right place
  • avoiding common business jargon
  • controlling sentence and paragraph length
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